Friday, December 10, 2010

L@TE: Friday Nights - The Transformation Call with Harupin-ha Butoh Dance Company (Berkeley, Ca)


On December 10 I will be part of a Butoh performance at the Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, California. By special invitation by a good friend/ contemporary/ b-boy/ and Butoh dancer Luku Netherthot.


L@TE: Friday Nights @ BAM/PFA

From meditative masterpieces to off-kilter performances, L@TE programming invades Gallery B with classical and experimental soundworks, dance, video, and conceptual and performance art. Guest programmer Tomo Yasuda’s L@TE series concludes its dialogue with the exhibition Flowers of the Four Seasons: Ten Centuries of Art from the Clark Collection for Japanese Art and Culture in this final piece.

(Doors 5 p.m., D.J. 6:30 p.m.)
Programmed by Tomo Yasuda

December marks the end of the year, a transition to a new season, abrupt but not as shocking as the transition from the Edo to Meiji periods, a near-apocalyptic experience for the Japanese, when foreign pressure opened Japan to the modern world. Berkeley-based Butoh masters Koichi and Hiroko Tamano and over fifty dancers from their Harupin-ha Butoh Dance Company will interpret the winter season and change with a performance based on the 1918 short story “The Spider’s Thread” by Ryunosuke Akutagawa. Staged in Gallery B, the dance will incorporate BAMscape, Thom Faulders’s 1,500-square-foot hybrid of sculpture, furniture, and stage. San Francisco-based Vomica will accompany the performance with an original composition. Thefinal video loop in a series of four by Sara Magenheimer, this one evoking the last month of the year, will round out the spectacle. The Transformation Call is programmed in conjunction with the exhibition Flowers of the Four Seasons.

Berkeley Art Museum

2626 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 642-0808

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jackal: DBRP Performance at The Torrance Art Muesums Zoom 2

jackal at tam by DBRP


Three performers: The Handler (which had the Jackal by a leash), the Jackal (which wore a leather headpiece) and the Controller (behind the laptop).

The Jackal and the Handler performed on a ring of salt.

The headpiece had a web cam on the front (which served as an eye), a microphone (which served as a digital gag), and a L.C.D. screen (which served as a filtered window to reality). The live video and audio feed, from the Jackal, was first processed by the Controller which was behind the laptop and in front of the projection. Then the feed was sent to the projector and back to the Jackal, transformed and filtered. What the Jackal saw and the audience saw was the equal.

The Handler- Wet Mango
The Controller- Aaron Moreno
The Jackal- DBL

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Torrance Art Museum

*object control will not be participating

July 3:


7 Artists
5 Hours
1 Day

TAM: On Saturday, July 3, 7 sound and media artists from Los Angeles and Orange County will collaborate on a five hour performance that explores the concepts of transition, interaction and improvisation. Incorporating both electronic and conventional instruments, light projections, and movement, the program will feature new works by DBRP, phog masheeen, Eric Strauss, and FLOOD.

Compositions will be presented as a continuous stream of interconnected events that will transform the Torrance Art Museum into a cooperative sound/media installation and minimal conceptual circus. This performance exhibition will be curated by the Long Beach group FLOOD who produces and curates SoundWalk, a one-night multi-media event dedicated to sound art.

FLOOD’s practice of curation as a separate aesthetic category has resulted in SoundWalk striving to function as a stand-alone work of art comprised of other stand-alone works of art. Within this context, Stations: 751 will serve as a further experiment in “curation as art” as the five featured sounds artists function as a sub-curatory of artist-collaborators who determine such things as object placement and performance progression. As a result, sonic overlap zones and chance events will be among the elements that are a direct result of the curatorial expressions of the artists themselves. It is FLOOD’s hope that the results of this experiment will positively influence the group’s approach to future curato-artistic practice.

WHAT: Sound Art Exhibition curated by FLOOD (Kamran Assadi, Frauke von der Horst, Shelley Rugg-Thorp, Shea M Gauer, Marco Schindelmann)
WHO: Divine Brick Research Projects (Aaron Moreno and bumble head, Wet Mango, DBL), phog masheeen, Eric Strauss and FLOOD
WHERE: Torrance Art Museum (TAM), 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 618-6340
WHEN: Saturday, July 3rd (11:00AM-5:00PM)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Stepping Aside to Collect My Thoughts

It is hard to concisely explain my train of thought as of today. With few things lining up, but all seeming to converge to a point: some personal, free overflowing everywhere, others at the macro level, the point at a pins tip.

What is most important is not that I cannot explain it, but that it is occurring in more places then just in my Reality. What I hope to at least understand is that what is occurring becomes clearer with one concept I have most recently in the last I’d say 2 years realized, always known just solidified. This it a modest occurrence, it is the realization that there is a handshake behind any bamboozle. For those that like to dive into purity and ancestrally gods, these are not immune.

Priest: Conducers of Truth

I recall a personal epiphany in which I understood that behind the Mayan colonization is the Mayan hand shaking the Anglo one. Deal dealt in blood, rape and loss. Then much like now knowledge was power. To predict is to control.

Let us call upon Mel. Mel Gibson, for his movie is so fresh in our collective memory stream, which is always in a schizoid flux. Let us picture the Mayan priest versed is all the ancient secrets and knowledge, through him we knew the gods, through him his power helped us see the face of the gods, their love and their anger. Him, the priest, asked us to sacrifice a few to subdue the omnipotent ones. A simple prediction from the omni-conduit came proof of the destructive power of a lie. Predictable celestial bodies became the tool to control the masses and show them the indiscriminate destructive power of the gods.

I also start to direct my focus on the Mayan ruins, legacy shrouded in mystery. To step into the once lustrous ruins was to be of the elite class. If by some occurrence you, as a peasant class found yourself in this sacred place what were the chances that you could understand any of the coded language that surrounded you. At present, to step into the ruins what is the meaning of this occupation? You could be of peasant class or of the elite to execute this action although more and more we are restricted entry because of age and entropy, but to understand the secrets heavily veiled with age, from which class would you need to be from or flow in?

The Virgin Mary

Lets try to reach inside and find the real purity; If that is a possibility, purity. The one gift that is sacred is to give life. More precisely represented is the ability to incubate a thought. Many a times there has been a need to make a concept more native to another's understanding. The honey added to the poison (or medicine, however you choose to see it or it chooses to be seen) reflects this want to hold on to this modest idea I am trying to erode to, a more modest belief that allows a release of power.

Some would say a weakness in ones Self others say a stepping down from arrogance. A possible rephrasing: From primal to civil we gain power to control and manipulate. In finding that what is created is not mystical, arrogance is cultivated. A whipping girl is established soon we all are gods with free will to create or destroy. The priorities shifted from process to product, from Virgin to Christ.

When Consumption Becomes Replication

All things, to me, are fluid. This is, like all things mentioned, personal physics which allow me to stumble and manifest Truths that interconnect. During one of my liquid ventures I stumbled onto a word (This word is Conducer) that describes a phenomenon that I have been trying to grasp to understand. This phenomenon involves an embedded urge we all have, which is the urge to create.

Yes the obvious urge that comes to mind is the want to create another, which is the sexual urge we all have. I want to go further into this idea and explore the urge to create a self, create a reality, create a structure, create a language, create art, but giving attention to a system that taps into this urge and stimulates it. This creative urge could be a biological survival tactic or learned conditioning, as of now it is really not important where it comes from but that it is the urge that is simulated by things such as video games, virtual worlds, networking sites and other newer technologies or to be specific, technologies that have an entertainment element to them and some how helps us achieve a higher state of content. Such things have always existed that cater to that urge: cooking, sports, arts, and Self-Realization. What is different is the way the experience is mediated by parameters chosen by another.

This word or noun, the conducer, is referring to the one that is not only a consumer but also a producer, intertwined and eating itself.

EX: An avatar created by one existing in Second-Life manipulating, creating in a world that is in-part created buy another…I mean by another consuming producing then consuming its own, an experience where consumption and production are synonymous. Is this any different then what once existed? Is this just a clearer definition of what is human or Humanism?

My hope is not to confuse but to communicate in an easier form. All thoughts are solid in creation, pulled apart to share. This is where things are lost and the vacuum between you and I resides. Work is needed to stitch these things together and find a forum where we can endure.

Sitting on my steps as my blue sky becomes a gridded haze,


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SoundWalk 09-VID

                               CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW!!!

Bipeds alike,

This is the Sweep Performance performed at the SoundWalk of Long Beach, Ca (September 25, 2009). Many thanks to electronic emergency and many that helped out.

The audio consists of 2 channels each with two different excerpts from two different Sweep Performances performed at the SoundWalk.

The actual performance  consisted of one performer sweeping with a broom that was wired to a computer.   The computer filtered the sound of the broom accentuating it.  This sound was then directed back to headphones that were worn by the performer and anyone else that wanted to follow him and immerse themselves in the performance.