Monday, March 24, 2014

T and Light

I only started to under-stand what she said that early morning. Now that I have legs.  Strange as she was she painted long strokes of inconsistencies that assure only the wealthy in doubt.  I could feel my throat sing in the waters we stood.  She answered the question who she wished she was. 

“Describing a self which is unlinked from the flesh I will attempt to do. Any concepts obscure or actively trending I find myself attractive to. Finding answers in odd places, when found became quite normal. A maker, a builder, my hands must be occupied. My body is my medium knowing every medium is an extension of the body. Survival of the old world I have kept my teachings. Seeker of new land, I recognize the direction. Always seeking, deciphering the roots.”

I am no fool simple mind still sees light in contaminated waters.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boulevard Wind - heART WALK Echo Park, March 16th 2014


 Via Mike Meanstreetz

Fleeting moments of the site specific performance “Boulevard Wind,”
 by collaboratists WHEREAS 
@ heART WALK Echo Park, March 16th 2014

Ali Hyman Wolff (bodycity et al)
Mike Glover; Maneesh Madahar (CT Assaults)
Mike Meanstreetz

Fotos compliments of Stiive Mage

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Present with DBRP, Elle Mehrmand, and VJ Wes @ 21th street warehouse

heART WALK _ echO park _

 heART WALK _ echO park _
soundwaves Heal cancer Two –
a sanchO art auction in multiple galleries
for 7days all on sunset strip.
bids open march 16 close march 22
independent stores are our host for this family fun exhibit. just follow your heART during regular store hours and place your bid before closing march 22. the highest bidder will be announced or contacted on march 23.

we begin with a walk and a Letter To My President with J.W. ScroGgie placing his first bid at 3pm at
Andrea's Hair Styles - 1398 west sunset
Sunset Tropical Fish - 1373 west sunset
The Happy Shirt - 1932 west sunset
E.R. Copies - 1439 west sunset
Dalilah’s - 1463 west sunset
Taza - 1825 west sunset
LA Pizza - 1498 west sunset - music food and fun 4- 9p

the buyer is on a scavenger hunt and must seek out works by fine artists in multiple stores during store hours before closing on march 22, 2014. Special thanks to GERMS and Leva Ann for the cover art. GERMS will be live painting, Karen Centerfold will duet with Doug Cox as Tramp for the Lord 7p, Luis Bunuel, Mike Meanstreets with CT assualts, Alli, and DBRP 5p, Spencer Elden, Ernesto De La Loza 3p lecture on the streets, AC The Program Director 9p, Nicholas Capaldi, Josie Basford, Colin Manning, Nora Keyes, Don Bolles, BenjaminAlejandro! Olivia Beall, Greg Gomberg, Igor Amokian, Amy Darling, Jim Priest 730, J.W. Scroogie 545 poem, Igor Amokian, Jeremy Kennedy, Buko Pan Guerra, Fenex Lopez aka Gaylord Fiend 930, Stiive Mage 530, Dix Denny, Marcel Dejure and Dani Collins.

proceeds from works purchased will be shared with the artist, the gallery with %25 to benefit Kelsea Collins, who is going through her second war on cancer due to her first. all buyers are doners and will see their name here:

echo park stores, curators, artists, buyers and art lovers present and preserve history by providing a place to gather, celebrate and tell stories of what is and was. for answers to questions connect with
sanchos • 310 406 6855 •

Two Updates: Video Links

VIdeo for HEADS performance with members of Parallax Beach, Bow and Arrow, Present, And DBRP

VIdeo of Parallax Beach @ Pehr Space Performance