Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #12

Spreading  spurge of bots,
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Arizona Police
Unveilance, Stuxnet, Odessey, Lybia??

now the post:

These are mostly just for fun and exercise.  I call them word equations.  Using the structure of a basic arithmetic problem I like creating an equation using words. 
First I write one line, no requirements.  The second line will be some how related to the first, for instance if the second word in the first line makes any reference to the body every second word in the preceding line/s will have a similar requirement.   Another example of a requirement might be that the first word/s of the previous line be some how related to the last word/s on the next line and the last word on the previous line be related to the first word on the preceding line.  Sometimes I might have a summation in form of a mash up.   The group might be structured by using the structure, rhythm or aesthetic appeal of the over all group of words.  Requirements and rules might fluctuate and be created for any new problem.

*     *     *     *     *

Love is just a way to Exist
Limb’s are just to sense touch
Lib'sisre Ust ta Sente oist

*      *      *

A Dance is forever symbolic
The Relation to One aNother.
Circled close is a close system
CirDRace tonever AN blitm

*     *     *     *     *

A hot lap heated with a piece of overheated electronic
Iconic tempered situation of a moment handled
A reach out in this time is volatile for the clinic
LiNc Alf orV0iL ReDouT Dit

*     *     *     *     *

Feather rite in site
Sweater flea in tea
Treaty blast and cast
Theater cables are ables
Disease trapped and adapted
Stream weak but leaked
Mislead minded and signed
Peavey found it’s rounded

*     *     *     *     *

Timely taken homely seeded
Nicely icily she hide me preceded
Wince him once since in an intanT

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #11

Flock of see ghouls,

     You can now follow me on Twitter @DBL3.  I will not bore you with everyday situations such as,"In line at Yogurtland, ARGHH... can't wait to have my after work yogurt TREAT!!! LOL!!!", and such unless I really am in line, at Yogurtland, and well maybe I really am fiending for my Yogurt treat.  Your not one to judge ME!

     This week I will double up on the post.  I am over-flowing.  In need of putting up three I will hold back and leave it for the next shopping spree,  sweet gift of words, silly rosy ambitions.


*     *     *     *     *      

Strange Occurrences
(Stories of the Two)

I don’t believe in Coincidences
“I chose my world softly”, he once said

From my advantage my words burn bright
But pale underbellies of untouched skin
Roasting high and dry
Are my chance encounters with him

A mutual meeting
A need to dive deep
Not up or Down
Deep into a place that exist for us two

I knew a world he once envisioned
He knows an existence filled with disarray
A switch from senseless to decay
I found meaning of pleasure in flesh and disdain
I Knew I knew nothing of the void I chose to remain
The moist stifling place he calls home
A place I was curious to dwell not alone

My words echoed in his heart
A direct freeing of the new
An avatar turn askew
Tie me up
Tie me down
Strip me of this Triple Crown

Help me render what I need to know
A dimension far from the one we both know

*     *     *     *     *
Circle Dance with Two Colors

Lets consider that I am flawed
Lets ignore that I am not raw

I have felt things I think I don’t want
And exposed myself to things that help me rot

I know nothing of the love that I hurt
Or the need to re-live the things I need to rehearse
I see reaction in the small creatures I nurse
And see the red as my patience reverse
In the same way I react to the perverse
And the answers that perplex me from her

I am a fool with the sweetness that she rejects
And the sweetness that I project

I have sensed that I must give up
And have seen how frivolous it is to give it up

I am sure I will not learn from this end
I will surely see her in a twin

If it’s not in the world I will go to sleep to
It will be in the world that will soon turn a new

You can say I am a sucker for words…
And actions and small gestures and love
And well  I am a sucker in other words

In the same way that I try to work on problems and solutions
In the same way I confuse and dilute any resolution

An awkward circle this little dance
I held a rose purely my intentional circumstance

I can go until this is long and convoluted
Still empty for the thought is eluded

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #10

My fellow meat puppets,

Lets just hope we don't choke on our vomit as we awake. 

*     *     *     *     *

Brought Together

A single hair winds and binds
In between the three strands
Across my chest
Goes across my ribs
A mental picture I create
A needle and thread by which I intend to connect
Uncountable wavering thoughts
Held up high, my limb, needle in hand
Mouth agape
The needle dives in flesh and far
Forty knots in a row except for the last five
Clustered safe as heaven's gate 
To feel the path that set me straight
Piercing thoughts
Piercing veins
Collecting fractures bones and lose ligaments
Pulling taut slipping through my finger tips
With a breath I am brought inside myself

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #9


Lets talk from the place where things are not strange
Position in the mind in which nothing is confusing
Attempts of awareness chase the epiphany building
Try not to grapple with the logic for it’s the one thing that dilutes
An offer of protection of the firmness that is objection
Can strangle off an extension of what might have been

Find freedom in a voice
Slide into the void that has a neighbor
Companionship is just one form
True liberation is sloppy
Sticky and confusing to the frontal self
Getting lost offers a recharge
A tossing up of the cards allows them to dance in their truth

Limbo is a stage don’t linger there to long
Although the next stage
Might be a variation of the first
You might find the presence there over-bearing

Embrace every thought it is a presence of existence
Jumping over formalities produces subjugation
Of course thoughts are refection’s of footsteps, stumbled and planted
Existence is a phenomenon ruminated
Grabbed, pinched, firmly interrogated
Lets give it water, some time to its self 
A moment to invent an alibi