Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Update

Travelers About,

On the road to Montana. A lovely place that has captured my Heart. Nice folks and accepting enough for me to ignore the lack of diversity but open my eyes to the natural beauty of this great nation.  Enjoying this year with many friends, many fruits that have ripened, and oh so much potential. 


Oh what a ride. To soon to share with you, the non-witness, the many fotos that should arise. From the reaction of the good group of Witnesses that were there I think it was a great success. 

It is great having Brenna back in the troupe. With visiting performer Grace Smith the ritual unravelled to reveal a scene common in this hedonistic culture we are breeding. For better or worse.  A scene where every thing is consumed even the excrements. 

CT Assaults did a wonderful job creating a space where one stepped into and was transported to an altered mindset, an open mindset.  Brenna with a keen eye presented a most pleasant light to engage in. PRESENT you always rock.Much  love to all.  

It was an enjoyable evening of sound and  ritual. Always a pleasure to see Joey Molinaro and Nagual Sun. S&Ndc&stl& and Ar'k I had never heard until then but were quite enjoyable, thats an under statement. 

Until the next one. 


Yes possibly in December we are gearing up  for a  West Coast tour. More details later in the year. 


There are more and more things to consider as I age. More reasons to organize and more critical events occurring in our world. As I find the strength and the drive to see this project delivered I thank you for your good vibrations that you send me. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Lighting by josie j and Brenn Lowe

heavy improvisation, desert dirging, angular arabesques & fleeting spectrums

WHEREAS HOWEVER summons the shamanistic landscape of a sonic arc lit by video projection and traversed by a troupe of performers whose movement tells the tale.

Constituted of the seamless procession several groups, each piece gathers momentum overlapping into the next in moments of collaboration between like and un-like.
Happenstance erodes whilst invigorating contrasts galvanize.

The night also heralds release of CT ASSAULTS' and PRESENT's cassette split on Sanity Muffin Records!

performances by:

Joey Molinaro (NY)


A'rk (Joshua Tree)




Nagual Sun

DivineBrick performance troupe

+Present setting the landscape, DivineBrick Troupe will be performing
Ritual: "Dinner for the Peasant Dog"
with performers Grace Smith
(WI), Brennan Lowe, and josie j


$5 donation

Facebook Event page

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Post Now Tueday Updates


Due to works in process Tuesday Night Post will now be Tuesday Updates.

This will include works in process, writing on art and theory, updates on future shows, and thoughts on past ones.  I hope the creative drive in the posts remain active. 

There are a few shows now in process.  July 4 and July 11 are ones approaching.

On July 4 the DivineBrick Troupe will see the return of Brennan Lowe.  Since his last performance with us in Parallax Beach he has graduated from school and will be performing with us until his next path in life opens. 

LIBERTY D3(0D3D: July 4

Yes, this friday night a psychedelic observance of your state of liberty. Experimental Audio/Video
movies booze and bands 



811 n. Beaudry Ave

Come join us as we celebrate 4th of July at the top of chinatown over looking with clear skies all of DTLA. We will be grilling and rocking sonic.. serving various libations and of course lighting fireworks.
A group of us will take a short walk to Grand Park to watch the fireworks that go off at LA city hall at 9PM. Here is what last year looked like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9NKypq9E5w