Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brennan Lowe: Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Ca

Most Honorable Ones,

It has been a great privilege to have the opportunity to work with Brennan Lowe.  Parallax Beach was and is the first venture into choreography for myself.  Brennan has been very patient and a worthy aide and contemporary.  Although Brennan has expressed his feelings of seeing me as a mentor, I have learned a lot from Brennan.  He has and always challenges me and pushes my view on art and art process. Because of this I am excited to share with you, fellow viewer, his solo performance.


*      *     *     *     *

Performer/ Performance Artist/ Installation Artist Brennan Lowe, also known as Parallax Beach's other performer/ dancer will be having a solo performance at Highways Performance Space this Saturday. Come and support this very gifted young artist before he goes back to the east coast to finish his BFA.

Traveling through absurd environments and alternate states of consciousness, Volatile is a multi-media installation and performance about the fragility of sanity and the contextual relativity of identity. Referencing determinism and questioning the existence of free will, both the visceral and conceptual components of cognitive processes are pursued.

Brennan Lowe explores the malleability of the human mind from internal and external influences through meditation and performance inspired by Butoh, Fluxus, and German Expressionism. Thomas Stoeckinger examines the nature of perception by creating installations that reinterpret light and space

Saturday, January 11 @ 8:30pm
$15 general admission

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