Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Night Post # 43

 I’ve given it a bit of thought.  I have decided to tweak the Tuesday post. From now on I will see Tuesday as a checkpoint.  I will use Tuesday to present ongoing projects and document them.  I will also hope to present my concepts and intended goals.
The way I approach my work is very fluid and intuitive.  I find that sometimes the only way to comprehend something is to unravel with it.  It might be a bit unorthodox, but the result is in the action. 
If you wish to find meaning in my work I would say the definition is in its temporal whole.
There can be times when discussing meaning is unnecessary; times when even the artist can be wrong about their meaning. 
I periodically go back and write notes on my notes.  It helps to keep me focused and see the whole, backing away from the sometimes, sticky parts.  I have been putting it off, but I think its time to look back at the notebooks and sketch books.  Maybe present some pages on Tuesday. 
It’s been a busy two years with many obstacles and sidetracks, yet with some fruits to enjoy and many to nurture.
On this Tuesday I will post one of a few things I have in the works. 


Union is a series of drawings depicting various stages of union.
What do I mean by union.  This I hope to illustrate. 
Here is one drawing in its temporary stage:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Night Post #42


So I did not post last week.  I have no excuse but my own will not given.
I hope you enjoy this drawing from my sketchbook and some words for you to read.

 *      *      *     *     *

Tales From the Sketchbook
In search for the structure that make my behaviors’ unfold
I search the pages of my own sketchbook
A book funded by the cult of the white box
A clean white page
A symbol of creation manifested into empty space
My rule as I have formatted
Create a destroying force that ends in a balance of form, concept, and beauty
Design is a result of the actions existed in between
Beauty is not a promise but it lives in the moment that is soon lost
A loose fitting composition
held together by its individual decisions
The action is driven by the need to fix
The fix is directed by the action beforehand
A promise is an experience
The result a map of every moment felt

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuedsay Night Post #41

Broken Ones,
Good night.


*     *     *     *     *

There’s a shoulder
An arm to go along
Existence trails on the realization that there is a hand
A thumb with sharp pain
This I remember
The real that is me turns
As I step on the edge of the steps that
Flow below
My thoughts are on the step I have not taken
Altered views show process is
Not a thought
when hands run on the surface of what I am
I remember also
This is not what it means
but begins as it starts
In the end
There is
a foot with a brother that is the left
Not forgotten but easily replaced
Prosthetics are
 but a replacement of
what we wanted to hold on to
Taken is a part
of the whole
that does not effect the new
At end of this new I hired a friend
She made a crate
66x24x12in h
there I put the me that that I seem to lose
the thing that always seems askew