Saturday, December 6, 2014

Limited Edition DivineBrick T's

I will have some at any of the shows on tour.  I also have a nice long sleeve and a nice small hoodie. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Búto Flúto: Reflections on Self Derived Relics

I am Media.

I am the Media.

We are the brick wall woven into a circle.  A flat sphere with no borders.

El centro es el ojo.  Aqui los encontramos.

El Central, donde se cerra el ojo.

Si se manifica se repete.  

*      *     *     *     *     *

The Búto Flúto

A Self Derived Ceremonial headpiece.
Made of mahogany reclaimed from an old Baptist church/ Pentecostal Church in South LA.  The Búto Flúto also consists of poplar wood, steam bent ash from the city of Long Beach, purple heart wood, a hacked Gakken Anolog Synth (SX-150), a custom pre-amp with circuit bending copper contact points, wires, a mic and speaker which is the wooden conical shape. 

It has been with me since 2008.  It has broken many times and can be fussy. 

The sound... it does some interesting things that I am still figuring.  Do to the mic and speaker in close proximity it does a feed back loop similar to most of my wooden speaker box art sculptures.  Because it is a noisy circuit (not very well insulated) It is sensitive to magnetic fields and radio waves, which add interesting behaviors coupled with its SX-150 sound. The circuit bended pre-amp has a flutey sound to it and can rise and lower in pitch when finger are slid along the copper.

There is a track playing in the back ground but most of the sound is the Búto Flúto (on a loop pedal) since it was recorded through its built in mic and speaker. The recorder was held to the speakers funnel.

It has developed it own meaning which I am still understanding.  Steeming from punk anarcho angst, indigenous stirrings, reflecting respect for the ancestral trees, experiments with electricity, now turning into a critique of transhumanistic ironical twist which requires me to add metal hardware (on a piece once only made of wood joinery) for speedy assembly and transportation, but mostly do to damage from performances or general use. A work in flux. 
I hope you get to hear it sometime.  I will be with me on tour.

Photo by Vishal Goklani

fresh and new


no syth, wings were once longer
Photos by  Jeremy Eichenbaum


Photo by Brenn Lowe Graphics by josie j

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

::LA CITA/ Los Angeles :: DOMELAND/ Joshua Tree SHOWS NOV-14-18

What does science and religion have in common? They are both trying to figure out the growth, the mechanisms.

What do these two shows have in common?  Potential for Corporeal Reformations,  the Sound is the Symbol.

*     *     *     *     *

WHEREAS droppin it all haaard in da dezzzert, November 14th @ Domeland with




Tuesday Nov 18th @ La Cita Bar in Dwntwn LA

The Zero Collective -

Eric Ostrowski - -

Bandito Overlord -


Doors at 8, show at 9 - No Cover

Friday, October 31, 2014

Winter Tour Kick Off Show Dec. 20 '14

An ALL-FI multidisciplinary skirmish-locale, spring boarding Xover (Sardinia, Italy), PRESENT & DivineBrick (LA LA) up and down the coast, later to join up with FAILINGS (of Tecumseh) in the Pac NW.
Bouncing them out, our hats tip to sister weirdos CT ASSAULTS, long standing freeker-grinders BAD ACID TRIP, and the properly paradigm-shifting BANDITO OVERLORD!!



XOVER (touring)


PRESENT (touring)



Whereas Warehouse 
1729 E 21st Street Los Angeles, CA 90058

$5 donation

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Winter West Coast Tour 2014: Into the Forest of the NorthWest

DivineBrick @ WHEREAS Warehouse photo by Amy Darling

Excited to share the Corporeal Reformation this winter.  I will be traveling the west coast with a sonic wave bending into light:

XOVER (Danilo Casti) : Electro-power-noise audiovisual performance

The project Xover is an electronic sound and visual performance that
runs around glitches, drone noises, field recordings played by digital and analogue
electronics instruments, a mixture between digital and analogue sounds, programming and
circuit bending, idiomatic shapes, abstract sound objects and absurd musical architecture.

PRESENT is a Los Angeles based quartet performing femininly heavy-experimental music since 2012.Their compositional process is shared between members with most passages crediting all four. As PRESENT is the seminal group for half of its members, their writing and style is idiosyncratically colored as outsider. The tone of their music invokes influences of 20th Century Classical, Black Metal, Japanese underground, Anarcho Punk, art and free jazz. Live shows have been regularly accompanied by performance art, live video, and improvised noise artists also performed with in non-PRESENT iterations.
Saxophonist Erin Worra is trained in classical brass, and singer Angela Gleich has studied and performed flamenco singing. Since 1997 drummer/sequencer Mike Meanstreetz has performed/shown/installed on both coasts of the US (including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles) and extensively recorded and worked in such varied forms as musical free improvisation, experimental music, installation, video, painting, costume, performance art, noise, dance, punk and metal.
PRESENT's recordings have been released on a split LP and various compilations by meta and
micro labels based in France, the Czech Republic, Oakland and Los Angeles.

Their atonal compositions abandon guitars and lyrical form in favor the angular dissonances of female saxophone, synthesizer, and vocals seated atop a hectic percussive intensity. Non-traditional linear song gives way to free form passages, often in collaboration with other artists. On this tour, Mike Glover supports performing noise.


Ian Hawk (of Tecumseh)  
soundscape and drones set to film


Keep up on tour dates here
Tour Dates

Winter tour kick-off show December 20th in LA at the WHEREAS warehouse!!

Bad Acid Trip / Bandito Overlord / Xover (Danilo Casti, Sardinia) / DivineBrick / PRESENT 

DivineBrick will be performing  "Tale of a Toad".  On this tour.  The ritual was first performed in Long Beach.  Time will only tell its growth by the end.


DivineBrick Research Projects traces the steps that connect all practices.  The goal is to manifest a practice that informs and awakes performer and witness.  An exploration in sound and movement this project continues the exploration of Corporeal Reformation.  Self accompanied (drum machine, the Buto' Fluto' {a wooden head piece decked out out with circuit bends and an analog synth}, and loop pedal)  josie j structures a landscape to present "Tail of a Toad" a non-linear long lost story of transformation and corruption. The product is not a performance but a ritual cleansing.  An intense exchange in which something is always gained as some thing is burned.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Update

Travelers About,

On the road to Montana. A lovely place that has captured my Heart. Nice folks and accepting enough for me to ignore the lack of diversity but open my eyes to the natural beauty of this great nation.  Enjoying this year with many friends, many fruits that have ripened, and oh so much potential. 


Oh what a ride. To soon to share with you, the non-witness, the many fotos that should arise. From the reaction of the good group of Witnesses that were there I think it was a great success. 

It is great having Brenna back in the troupe. With visiting performer Grace Smith the ritual unravelled to reveal a scene common in this hedonistic culture we are breeding. For better or worse.  A scene where every thing is consumed even the excrements. 

CT Assaults did a wonderful job creating a space where one stepped into and was transported to an altered mindset, an open mindset.  Brenna with a keen eye presented a most pleasant light to engage in. PRESENT you always rock.Much  love to all.  

It was an enjoyable evening of sound and  ritual. Always a pleasure to see Joey Molinaro and Nagual Sun. S&Ndc&stl& and Ar'k I had never heard until then but were quite enjoyable, thats an under statement. 

Until the next one. 


Yes possibly in December we are gearing up  for a  West Coast tour. More details later in the year. 


There are more and more things to consider as I age. More reasons to organize and more critical events occurring in our world. As I find the strength and the drive to see this project delivered I thank you for your good vibrations that you send me. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Lighting by josie j and Brenn Lowe

heavy improvisation, desert dirging, angular arabesques & fleeting spectrums

WHEREAS HOWEVER summons the shamanistic landscape of a sonic arc lit by video projection and traversed by a troupe of performers whose movement tells the tale.

Constituted of the seamless procession several groups, each piece gathers momentum overlapping into the next in moments of collaboration between like and un-like.
Happenstance erodes whilst invigorating contrasts galvanize.

The night also heralds release of CT ASSAULTS' and PRESENT's cassette split on Sanity Muffin Records!

performances by:

Joey Molinaro (NY)


A'rk (Joshua Tree)



Nagual Sun

DivineBrick performance troupe

+Present setting the landscape, DivineBrick Troupe will be performing
Ritual: "Dinner for the Peasant Dog"
with performers Grace Smith
(WI), Brennan Lowe, and josie j

$5 donation

Facebook Event page