Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dia de los Muertos @ Highways


On November 2nd, For Día de los Muertos, I along with other very talented performers will be performing at Highways Performance Space, in Santa Monica, Ca. 

I will be doing my solo piece "Research in Religious Self-Cybernetics: Pruning the Rose, Eating the Thorn".  A Neo-Shaman exploration in sound, movement, And self deconstruction.

I will also be part of a group collaboration that was the result of the La Pocha Nostra workshop that occurred at Highways. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Michael Nannery :: DBRP :: Intimatchine @ AHC


The Show at Almost Holden Collective was intimate, tasty, and seductive.

Intimatchine was a lovely hypnotic landscape of dreams.  Michael Nannery was a memory trip of textures and primal awakenings.  AHC thank you for your hospitality. 

Everyone was open to the freakers we are.  Thanks for your support.

It was a treat to further explore this experiment of self deconstruction which is "Research in Religious Self-Cybernetics: Pruning the Rose, Eating the Thorn".  The ritual object which you see was finally named that night.  Pronounce in Spanish, Butó Flutó.  Thanks Wes.  My need for smirks and giggles in my work is much needed.

Enjoy this peek behind the veil... If you were not present.



*photos by Christopher Steven Wormald and Brian David. Video by Jacqueline Li and josie j

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update: SoundWalk, Other Performances


This year has been a very eventful year.  Many performances and many artwork has yet to be made, but the opportunities I have had this year I have been grateful for.

I have lost my mailing list do to my computer failure but hopefully new social media will add in communication.  Also the few die hard fans can always keep up to date here and on the events page.

Any yes the new computer is on its way... finally.

More shows coming this month (more DBRP performances), in November (as part of the La Pocha Nostra Workshop at Highways) in December (Parallax Beach Debut of Parallax Scroll 2.0 At Highways).  List of events HERE.

This Past weekend Parallax Beach had an opportunity to run though the beginnings of Parallax Scroll in marathon form.  Five 45 min performances in a four hour block.  we finished exhausted, cleansed and accomplished.  Here are a few snippets of the performances. 

via SoundWalk

Instagram photo by @greeniebeanies (Ryan Lampert)

Photos by Hannah Maynard via LB Post

Instagram photo by @chakosroughdraft