Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday Night Post # 3.5


Work is a way to live for death.


I misalign go home on my back I realign.
This vehicle of growth even in death does it find a way to dine on misfortune.

This is the irrational growth that I fine myself wanting to explore
This is where phenomenon we still don’t fully understand relate.  From this comes seemly chaotic growth.  Cancerous on one end, self healing on the other.

a genetic pattern, a fractal existence, a war unending.

A bread crumb deliciously place at the end of surrender. Allowing Wealth to unwind.  Towers that tall they fall with vengeance, adding numbers to the body count. Punishing as it loses stature. 

A glitch in your terms. numbers deconstruct as they reconstruct adding distant to the equation.  They do not fully explain a multi-dimensional phenomenon. 

A larger arch that I don’t see but sense its there.  That is my hopes to find and explore.  A bit vague this descriptions are. My hopes is to leave the space that is need for ideas to Growth. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Night Post #3.6

Dear Visitors,

Options are there, third party System.



Ancient Astro-not 


 Musings on DivineBrick

Any good start begins with a solid under-structure.  What keeps the pieces together is the frequency the negative thoughts trigger the self replicating behaviors.  As before,... the Ouroboros, the irrational numbers, the wheel of life, the cycle of abuse.  Positive feed back methods to induce the basic structure, decomposed. 

DivineBrick methodology (at this state in time) is to deconstruct the self, which represents the collective self, in doing so belief should be expelled.  Attacking the collective self, ripping it wide open, exposing faults and control mechanisms. 

Building brick by brick encasing the blue gem.  This is not a wall nor a pyramid.  It is a path way flat and endless.  No hierarchy can represent life energy manifested. 

Bricks are square but bricks are made of bare earth.  Human hands forcing shape, earth obliges.  Human children played with mud, shaping, wishing, playing.  Playing and Ritual, that is what we do.  Breakthroughs or Beautiful representations.  This is what we do.  Pretend.  We role play the Maker, the Grower, we replicate what we do not understand, our external world.  External forces wakes us, teaches us, shaping us.  This transformation no matter the method is a privilege and some how a birth right we have. 

This Belief methodology is an alternative choice that I choose to choose, a cozen gift to not take lightly.  My re-search lead me to the simple building block. 

the brick
the cell
the room
the space
the net
the fabric
the self
the unit
the piece

This is the DivineBrick Methodology.  Searching from the roots pulling on vines.