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Wood Working Mallets  

Many have asked me "what are wood working mallets for?". Simplest answer, striking things.  You can juggle them if you like.  Might add to your street cred in certain circles.  

They are used in wood carving to strike the gouge.  Some like me prefer them for general wood working as oppose to square and flat sided mallets.  

My mallets always have a certain presentation to maximize your street cred.  Whatever you choose to used them for know that they are one of a kind in wood beings existence and aesthetics. 

*custom orders welcomed


-Heads' core are weighted  

-Made from ash of the urban forest of Long Beach.

-oiled and waxed

-3in. in diameter heads

-10 1/4 in. long 

-Complex end design for ring and pinky power grip.

-Smooth and round for long term comfort when choked on the grip. 

royal queen (slightly concave head)
4 in long head
12 oz 
$55.00 +shipping

royal king (slight convex head)
3 3/4 in long head
12 oz
$55.00 +shipping

bun head
3 1/4 in long head
12 oz
$55.00 +shipping




I turned this guy since some one requested a heavier mallet.

the Club 
5 1/4 in long head
18 oz

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