Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday night Post #47

 As my mind expanded I still remembered to anchor
In the time I organized the memories
in that time I saw you briefly

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Night Post # 46

This is my working method.  For these drawings I have either started to destroy a resolution or started to solve a problem that is being created as I resolve.  A very much organic method, I fluctuate from solving to un-resolving the composition and symbolism.  Each pencil mark is left as an expression of a decision executed.  Sometimes erased to be re-experienced.  As I work I try to hold the belief that with each new stroke emerges a new drawing, forgetting any preconceptions.  There are times in which I remove myself from the drawing.  Allowing my mind to forget it and solve other ones in the set of problems I have developed.  These three are of a set I am working through.
As said before the method is of highs and lows.  Aesthetics and concepts, as I work through each, I struggle to unite the loose and emerging threads. 
Here are the puzzlers:

It’s hard to see each piece in some sort of disarray.   I can see some are unbalance in concept or design.   It’s also hard to remember certain stages I liked more that existed before the current version of the third one. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tamano Butoh Workshop S.F. 2012

On More Thing,

My Master Butoh teachers are having a workshop in S.F.  Here is the info:

Tuesday Night Post # 45

Scattered Few,

"The closer I got to the reconstruction
 the farther she got"

The closer I got to the reconstruction
the farther she got
In a way I found what I was after
Not the truth but the way the truth makes us respond
But then the truth is the way we respond
Myself to the ground I followed the line
Every lovely curve
To every abrupt change
The lesson was in the way
I had to shift to fall into the groove
On time nestled
another split apart
Just as I was a child knowing not when to let up
Things broke and several pieces went a missing
Union came not at the moment
Union is not a definition
Union was the memory there after

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday Night Post #44

For there to be union first there must be two or more things to unite; a cast of characters to portray the waves of reckless bodies accidentally becoming newly formed moments of ingenuity.  Or reflect the unraveling creative darkness that is consumption.  Imploding stars.  Particle accelerators. scientific advance...these unions are the ones that flicker brighter after they end.

Here are a few photos of heads I am working on. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

CicLAvia 2011

In the past I promised a video of the CicLAvia performance, but... unfortunately the video was never made.  The footage is not in my possession and because unforeseen circumstances I will not have access to it.  Its not the greatest of situations, but there will be more performances sooner then later.