Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Night Post # 2-21


Posting on my mobile since my ancient artifact of a computer is crunching numbers trying to get vidz for this weekends performance.

Speaking of, come out. It will be two new performances. Happy to be collaborating with long time comrade Mike Meanstreetz. Should be real.



Thoughts on Belief

As it is presently there seems to be no grounds for truth.

Belief is a dirty word.

We are more willing to denounce a belief.

Criticize others before we set time to
explore anything ourselves.

This has made many lost and the search has begun.

Although this symptom is party to do to the fact that the veil has been lifted part ways.

Now we see the many ways we have been bamboozled by many institutions.

We resist but the smart opponent weaponizes everything... Even your resistance.

A belief that belief plays no role in rational arts in one of these bamboozles.

The thought that the old fashioned roles play no useful part and must be thrown away with out personal soul searching about these matters is another.

I am a skeptic but one many forget about.

If you resist a doctrine so much why must you follow your evolutionary beliefs to the better end of institutionalization?

This skeptic wants more answers.

Can we dismiss a third party?

Why can't I factor in my ancient astronaut ancestor?

I will soon build my facts on what ever we are allowed to see from Curiosity.

I get that facts are fact...

But really are they?

We take the programing like doctrine.

Have you ever seen a miracle?

Have you ever dug for dinosaurs?

Have you ever read ancient scriptures in their native tongue?

Belief is something I structure myself.

From the ruins of a broken telephone I filter my answers.

Bits and pieces are assembled as far as I can tell as they fit.

In the end I might believe that I have assembled a finely crafted ceramic bowl of fossilized shards.

It might just be a wealthy kings toilet bowl.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hunter House Show

Will be performing at the Hunter House with Mike Meanstreetz of Bow + Arrow. Heres the info:

March 30, 2013

Welcome to the first show at the
Hunter House
DTLA's warehouse district.

Entry is a suggest $5 donation.

$2 beers

Doors open at 9pm.

Roman Aeon - band

DBRP (DivineBrick Research Project) w/ Mike Meanstreetz -performance artists

Intimatchine - band

The Midnite Sixes - band

Hunter House
2458 Hunter St. Ste 2
Los Angeles, California 90021


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Night Post #2-20

Random Occurrences,
How exciting a change in tempo becomes.  Some fall to every beat, myself I search the next.  A fine line occurs between free spirit and reckless action.  To destroy this box I search for it.  In a room with no walls I will find it…until then let the choices fall in the order we have to choose.

*     *     *     *     *

Transposed from the Geometric
Left a temple to touch this foot
Seventh of the strand of this rope
He did see but once
An offer from this one of the other
From a position which she sat
Head tilled neck a sway
She smelled the flower that was not hers
In an image the back of a hand
Swam across the arch of this position
The eyes they tried but never wandered past
The hazel ones
Which were honest
Open with the pressure of neglect
She often seemed to belong to the company of herself
Everyone had a share of this impression sitting on a shelf
In the same room they dissolved into fluid smoke
Two colors of distinct
Sharing each a tail of discreet
In a small chamber of this draw
Few things hid
Two flew in the air of unnecessary thought
What is there but the next foot to drop

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Night Post # 2-19

Family… forgiveness and acceptance is easy for family, unless you have severed that part of you.  If so I hope that hand will extent to another.  Union is holy.

*     *     *     *     *

The Siblings Know
My Mother once told me
Of the Brothers of Two
At each golden dawn they come to see
With influence and knowledge they can start to peek
A world of wonder not unlike the one before
In the mind of these Beautiful Ones this will not be cheap
Thoughts that once were lost are regained
In darkness they harbored their sweetest treat
The Others lose focus
They soon can’t be reached

With theory and practice the brothers
They chose to grow
Time dissolves
As does material
The pursuit has its woes
Once a search of the above
Lead to a lesson of justice below
What they took from Nature was her virgin repose

Many came after to study the pursuit
Adding influence and bogus shows from
Black hats and suits
Layered in symbols and images
It’s a fashionable macabre dress
Easily hiding the rapes and the pillages

She said
In real
Simpleton was given the golden goose
With his easily gain knowledge he was easily confused
Like him The Others start to fetish words and their use
They speak of abraxian reckoning
Loving what this conjures in peoples misguides refuse

As this happens
Darkness filters in as they push for release
They don’t see
When the dawn comes there is no beauty 
In the souls that it keeps
They romanticize the fear
The pain and the shadow of death
The first lesson the brothers learned
The apple easily falls
To levitate is what lurks in the shadows of “truth”
They are amused by the Others love of self smear
They josh and they kid of the taking of the bait
Which willfully with malice they put on the plate

My mother she sees and she swallows 
The water of ancient dissent
She frees me and shows me
At the dawn there will be many
Information is the key
Some will approach you with text
While others will practice hermetics to secure others fate
There are still some that use magic to sever the inmate
Cast away
Run away
Clear the field for the rite away
My dear mother she’ll tell me again
Remember the two and the words that follow
They’ll lead you to Truth

Two Figures Square
They stand
On the sands of time which now will stand still
It radiates the heat that came before
They cherish the moment
This is the transition
The sun on their backs
Breathing in the last moment of It
They anticipant the reckoning that will come just before 
The new
To others this is a dance of light
In ignorance they don’t notice this dance is for night

Two Figures Round
As trees stood to take in light
They stand in darkness to take in the night
For others they are sullen two alone in mourning
In them they kept the light switch on
A dance for which they anticipate the rest will give
For this moment they use
An exercise to tune and remain away
For the others will panic searching whom to blame

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tree Performance- Audio Track

From the Archive

Found an old recording of the Tree Performance done back in 2007.  Don’t think I ever shared it.   

Here it is:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mike Meanstreetz Gallery Exhibit

Long time comrade Mike Meanstreetz is showing some of his Bow + Arrow performance masks.  

Through the know:


This Saturday, Mike Meanstreetz performance masks from BOW+ARROW and more,
will be exhibited as part of the NELA Art Walk on March 9th
5110 York Blvd
Highland Park, 90042


Check out the details on the SAWHORSE tumbler,
I hope to see you there!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Night Post #2-18

Pardon My Grace,
So, I shit these out every Tuesday.  You deserve more intent and at least a bit more gentlemanly attentiveness.   Now what is left is to hone the art of simmering the pot.  Cooking it at the right temp to see if there is some maturity in the words. 
In any case don’t hate my love song, so to speak.  It comes from places unknown that I seek and stumbled onto.  It’s not an excuse or an apology, no no, not at all.  They are just words that come before the ones below, like an excuse to engage you in a prolonged kiss.    

*     *     *     *     *

Pearing Down to Geometry
(Stories of the Two)

I plan to see you through the end.
Even though these words you will find fitting but somewhat removed.
I speak in hopes of sharing what I have seen in precious moments of the obscure.
If I can, can I remove the Figure Square and the picture in which it was there?
De-flesh the souls that saw, retreat all that are an event with minimum draw.

Lines that intersect to a box
Four planes one of which we have the floor
This plane could be of future use
Altitude we will not share
Losing one, peer in there
A plane removed became the door
He entered
We see him now a ray that has only one direction
Back into itself
The dots that form the set that are in this box
Some of three
One of two
2 of one
Separate lines wind and wrap
The three in the box
The white landscape
Packaged well they won’t tell
From the space displaced went the ray that held the first unwind
To the area of the right triangle
Composed of intersecting planes
Each its own
Finding time, laying low
Tender moments left to show
Concentric circles that became his eyes
He had a glance

Even then he would not take that chance, but what he saw the Colors True.
They themselves list the shades he tried to hide.

In the honey brown he did not lose knowing there was interest, which he could not refuse.
Light brown segments made the flow, round the evidence of a wish he traced often.
Fleshy pink and purple nodes, a dense line that should be avoided, this is where a closer inspection finds repetition like before.

An arc that ends up a sweet gesture.
Congruent figures, a light brown section of orbs rolling to the lower quadrant.
Just the same he saw her change in his direction.
The helix that wrapped around her bare, fell to the plane that is now of use.
Two adjacent angles on a block, slowly flowing to a spot.

Can I leave it where we are? 
At this point, which I find fair left to unravel with only the two to share.