Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #38


A joke is funny only when people laugh.  When is it inappropriate to laugh?  Give it a try to laugh out loud is to show the light that shines.  

*     *     *     *     * 

Mincey Sweet

Laying low on her side

Saving tears for later tries 

Moving slow to not surprise

Crawling in between to paralyze 

She rises up when there's a threat

Even though in doing so there is regret

Danger near it is queer 

it is erect

Falsely feared is the love 

She kept so near and left it shoved 

in her hub

Never took the offer sent

From other ones but kept it bent

in her fold

As be known to the rest 

She has a throne but she stands alone

in her question thrown

If I fear what I love than is what I love what I destroy 

With a look she made it shook

With a wall she made u crawl 

Singer sent to find the foot 

of yet another timely hook

Lets pretend we were never there

Let it happen once again in disrepair

 *     *     *     *     * 

Enable Me
(Non Existent Virtual Conversation)

Hey u


What's new


Moving far


Can I get there with my car


Don't go there make it here


I'll be ur prowler


Are u scared

You should be


Can I come


Can I be ur lil helper


Did I say it wrong

As I thought


Just a thought


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #37

Usually around this time of year I feel a bit down.  Not because of the melancholy holiday season that helps us remember what we have loved and lost, or the drones of shoppers scrambling around trampling for the holy spirit, or the bombardment of Santa’s puke of green and red smeared over every wall, not even the tiresome list of holiday songs which sound off the many things this holy day represents, Rudolf I assume, got me down (well to be fair they did but not do to what many might think).  What has got me down in the past were feelings of guilt knowing that many of my love ones would be buying me gifts I would love and need.  Need? Yes, need like a new pair of pants or a bundle of fresh underwear.  
They would be putting money and time aside for me and in return I could only provide my acknowledgement and gratefulness.  Having been a fulltime student with a job in the past and being employed on and off since graduating I have never been able to consistently return this gesture.  Yes, many would say a nice handmade something or another would be quite a sweet gesture.  In the past I have done this but making something for every love one is quite a chore.  A chore not cursed upon, but a chore that required time and sometimes some income for supplies.  Others would say why bother.  This season was invented for spending and capital gain.  Well I feel the same, but that does not stop my love ones from giving to me. 
Well this year I have been fortunate to find consistent income, time, and patience, which provided something for the many that I love.  The list is long, many have touched me in profound ways but only a few consistently do it and are at arms length, so only the very close made it to my shopping list.  
To consume this is a thing we all do.  We also produce.  We are living in rough times.  Many are unemployed, underemployed, or heartbroken and at the end of their wick.  In a few months there will be more in this pool.  Our troops will come home looking to get back into the world they left and might have forgotten.  Where will they fit in this struggling economy?  How will they readjust?  How will they forget the world they left?  They are coming back from a world turn upside-down.   Will it feel the same in our world?
This holiday season I am a bit more joyful than in the past.  I am even getting a kick out of blaring Christmas songs, maybe in a semi ironic way, but the child in me will always be present, or presents???!!!  For some things turn for the best, but these are awkward steps on shaky ground.  There is a long road and a dark one that needs a bright light.  Personal embers ignite this internal light. 
God speed America.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Night Post # 36


A little collaboration this Tuesday.  With me is A Rose Perished.   This post is a bleeding of lost thoughts trying to find a meaning.


*     *     *     *     *

West Wind Finds Me

As a child I left many doors closed
At times eyes shut with light switches up
Several evenings adorned I felt exhausted
I would need this for the trip back, she said
Of course I conceded for lack of mis-contempt
Just this once, I cracked the window one hair’s width
In this space entered
What I called AAron
Bringing back physical objects proved difficult
Though not impossible
As I learn I void
Fully adorned I felt more fully exhausted
I remember a box with a square hole
This I found familiar

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Night Post # 35


Hears a song.

*     *     *     *     *


Running with one side to hide
I find no peace in being recognized
Shortness is the best
I hope to die at a quicken pace
No one showed me how to eat
From the hand that is human mystic
In my mind I have one resolution
To find a friend in dissolution

Marking the points that make it clear
The end is near and it is fear
Thinking oneself as just a smear
The end is near and it is fear
Wishing the enemy wishing it near
The end is near and it is fear

Saving time for conscious delusions
Lets erase our erroneous conclusion
Whose to blame for my low self esteem
Is it just in my bloodstream?
In years to come will you give me a vaccine?
Or will the fear find its way
To turn on it’s self and disobey

An assault rifle to commandeer
The end is near and it is fear
Revolutions water the mouth of the financier
The end is near and it is fear
Population is the evil says the marketeer
The end is near and it is fear

Ending in the right ends in wrong
We all seem to sing a similar song
Taking in any innovation
Without proper investigation
I love the sight of kerosene
When it douses the natural machine
One way I chose to live
Is to choose to believe