Saturday, September 12, 2009

SoundWalk-Oct. 3rd, 2009

It's that time of the year. Time for the annual Long Beach SoundWalk. It is quite remarkable that the only sound walk I know about in Southern California is in Long Beach. Well I am honored and glad to be part of it for a second year. This Year there will be another performance to experience. I will not bore you with the details.

If anything come to experience a night walk filled with many audible happenings around a usually not so contemporaneously experimental Visual arts neighborhood. Leave it to Long Beach To add the Noise to the Contemporary art scene. That is one thing I do feel it has going for it, the music Scene, always very attainable and affordable.

Come to the only SoundWalk (that I know of) in Southern California . There will be many sound works to absorb.


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