Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SoundWalk Performance Update

Converging Life Streams,

My hopes is to have the SoundWalk performance vid ready to share soon. I really enjoyed this piece and hope to experience it again, and give others a chance to do so with me. It was nice to be a part of the Soundwalk of Long Beach for the second time. Although it is bitter sweet.

I really do feel it is unfortunate it is a very little known event, mostly known to Long Beach locals, if even that. It is quite a unique event. Growth and positive spirit of audience and of the organizers is my desire.

One thing I found that was encouraging is the energy and spectrum of the audience. Most glad to see children and many of our community elders there and most ecstatic to see may colors and origins on many of the faces.

Art is strangled, sheltered in least terms, when hermetically sealed. Oxygen is for growth, your carbon, expelled, is just part of that cycle. You must breath on it, by all means break that air tight seal. Stir in all your germs all the filth, conjure up an elixir, strength is in the mix, to combat an pin hole panoramic view.

On a tangent now. Been thinking of that great white art box all artist love to put there finger prints on. So much white to reflect the light. To much space to contain the ego.


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