Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Post #1


This is the first of several of my writings I will post every Tuesday. They will vary from poems, general writings, stream of conscious, word equations, lyrics, to anything that I think makes enough sense to post, or just needs to live somewhere.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Words from One Walking the Line Between Illuminated and Enlightened
Falling on the side of Nihilistic

60 Orange Rose's of Jesus Christ

60 Oranges on roads of there demise.

60 talent scouts to each hard,

Sound off enrichment bonuses to their friend.

Banking lessons to the One.

Sending messages,

Evil ones.

Constant splatter of the souls

Living life never more.

Precious system source of wealth

Symbolized by current stealth.

60 paths of revelation.

Seeping, Read, and Constellations.

Sipping, Red, and hesitations.

Sending words, Re-guards, and E-motions.

Feeling through a constant

Frontal lotion/ corrosion.

Spliced and mended credit card.

Romantic Age maintained,

Good exchange.

Goods exchanging

Health/ wealth maintained

Continue this other way.

Figure 1 for 2,

Your way of seeing


A Different hue.

Watch them say "I am the light"

While they wiggle in the

Running hands

Over the hide,

Cattle that don't need to create,
Soon lose the power to subjugate.

30 soon departs,

No one really knows how it starts

Or when it ends

Cycles through and through.

Grab a broom

Sweep away.




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