Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #6

A Text Message, Ghostly Received from One Not Seen or Spoken to
(One of Many Communication Formats between the Beau Ideal and the Ordinary)

Just words
No tone
No voice
No body, breath
No essential Non-verbal communication signals.
Just words organized by
Letters Symbolizing thought.
What degree of Communication is this with this heavenly interviewer?
Questions asked, answered
then asked again.
Tag, simple word play.
Any spirit could be summed.

+Were u happy?
-U mean was i ever happy?
+In the end?
-I was happy and unhappy, its complex.
+How r u now?
-Good days and bad days.
+How r u creating?
Anyone could be this voice.

Systematic Cold the interviewer.
Distance makes the exchange unreal.
With a change of subject it becomes Real.
Creative thought, action in speaking of creativity.
Responding in inner Ideas of creation.
This can be dangerous.

Scope of Creative ether
Train linked Germinating boiler
Fever Ignored Death
SCTCVerf Cinotd GeR oithler

When will this conversation go wrong. When will it stop.
I get more info then I want more.
Then the Fear.
Then I want more, Push the Bruise.
Squeeze the wound.
Scratch the itch.
Scratch again
Scratch again
Scratch again
Scratch again
Pick the scab
Watch it bleed.
Let it heal.
Watch it ooze.
Pull, pull, then resist it back.
Feel it push
lean in.
Forget the signs
the flags
stubborn beast.
Snort, head down.
Cannon ball of lust and obsession.

Then it turns.
I see the distance
The need in myself to say I love to hold on.
But this pain is not new it is child play.
One with perspective from below
Word from above.
Fleeting this emotion is, since there is no outlet.
-What if I wanted this in my life?
-What if all I ever need was it, but i could never realize that.
 -Only when im away will i know that i wanted it.
-u in my life is harder than me alone.

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