Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Night Post #42


So I did not post last week.  I have no excuse but my own will not given.
I hope you enjoy this drawing from my sketchbook and some words for you to read.

 *      *      *     *     *

Tales From the Sketchbook
In search for the structure that make my behaviors’ unfold
I search the pages of my own sketchbook
A book funded by the cult of the white box
A clean white page
A symbol of creation manifested into empty space
My rule as I have formatted
Create a destroying force that ends in a balance of form, concept, and beauty
Design is a result of the actions existed in between
Beauty is not a promise but it lives in the moment that is soon lost
A loose fitting composition
held together by its individual decisions
The action is driven by the need to fix
The fix is directed by the action beforehand
A promise is an experience
The result a map of every moment felt

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