Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Night Post # 2-3

 Feathers of a similar bird with confusion distilling their evolution,
            The way we meet our fellow neighbors as we approach this Winter Solstices, like much things, has an E at the beginning.  Just as mail has been thrown up into the ether, so have our desires.  We shop for the traits we know and we discard the unknowing things that fear has wrapped its tail around, blinded and bonded, it keeps us from wanting.  Misspelled words are now re-laced and misplaced chromosomes.  In an action exist movement; in a word exist data, these words you read are a reaction of movements made and data gathered. At the end of this E, extends a slightly replaced intent.  A speaker that has no voice, a feeling that has no choice, this is my limb.  Exposed with no remorse a solid unit of grounded sorrow and ignited delight.  Do, as you will to this false anonymity, after all these feelings hide behind this divine brick E-Wall.  

*     *     *     *     *    

The Sale
Rash, flash, this arrogant talk
and thrash that thrashes
Where do you wander
When you don’t have the cash
Tell me the moment you had a good time
I’ll tell you the time I spent it
committing the perfect crime
Simple folks find pleasure in sunsets and ocean breezes
On a Saturday night
I open my mind’s eye
with a severed wit
events to convince the other
with no time to seize

Table set and plates are adorned
I hope to find the word
in you that burns

Tell me

In faith I find no comfort
I only do
as I want with no one to help me sort
A simple act of willingness
organizes the blocks
These blocks will fall
Mix arrangement that seeks to spell meaning
False sense of security finds a way
to hold on to illusions and insecurities
With these words I thee wed
Into a conversation left to you maybe unsaid

*     *     *     *     *


Page up
Side scroll
Flood of passion
Visual emotional response
Smooth tactile eruptions surface
Symmetrical evaluation of form and color
Inventory of social clues & social economic plans
Digestion of subliminal archetypal communication and projection
Summing up                      diffusion of fear
Reevaluation of self                      pheromone data mining
Plateau                     resolution

*     *     *     *    *

A Meeting with an Image Taker

A flash
A singularity
A taken image
These are things I share with you because I do find it disturbing
Not to find morbid analogy in happy occurrences
I’m just turning a human want into something that is joyless
These words rolled out my mouth very well and very nice
My feelings are much more silent and much more bright
I’m the type to shy away from portraits
but on this page I have to swallow the thought
that we all enjoy seeing not touching what employs us
After all my sight is visual
Lights and shapes are what control me
Without the image I have but the feeling to toy with
I hope my thoughts find you well
We all do need someone to
Hold us
See us
Remember the shape we had
during that moment
The movement
this is the thought of historians
If you need a thought to share
By all means let the curious unravel
A line left unsaid
is a seed discarded
And image unseen
is an artist obscene
Never fret for your untimely arrive
Where we meet only depends
on the photorealistic memory
that our thoughts can gather
As I empty out my roll
take the time to cleanse your wounds
the intake of fluids can drown or clean
these gentle walls of Maya
Close the shutter
My form is yours

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