Saturday, September 14, 2013

josie j of DBRP on Ear Meal Webcast, Season Five

Via Alan Nakagawa:

Ear Meal is an art webcast documenting the experimental music and sound arts scene in Los Angeles

September 25th, josie j of DBRP will be performing a new solo research piece entitled "Research in Religious Self-Cybernetics: Pruning the Rose, Eating the Thorn" afterwards there will be an interview.

Wednesday night September 25, 2013 9:30 PM PST

Bret Nicely at Deluxe Burrito/ Shangrila, September 18
Josie J, September 25
Slanguage, October 2
Chris Reilly, October 9
Ace Farren Ford and John Wiese, October 16
Kraig Grady, October 23
Soundwalk 2013 (10th and Final), October 30
Carole Kim, November 6
TBD, November 13
Jeremy Morelock, November 20
Sounds of Barcelona, November 27

You can now link directly to each of our past webcasts at:

TWITTER: @alan_nakagawa



Joseph Hammer

Drew Lesso with Peter Watkinson and Alan Nakagawa
Dwight Trible with Alan Nakagawa
Michael Whitmore

Kyungmi Shin & Todd Gary

Joe Potts

Department of Real Estate

Carl Stone

Mark Wheaton

Steve and Jeffrey Roden

Ronit Kirchman & Torsten Müller

Renee Petropoulos with Marya Alford and Sojung Kwon
Hans Fjellestad

Alan Nakagawa with Steven M. Irvin and Jeffrey James Mohr
The Clouds

Robert Crouch

Gregory Lenczycki

Anna Homler with Jorge Martin and Alan Nakagawa

Alicia Vogl Saenz with Peter Watkinson and Alan Nakagawa
Tatsuya Nakatani

Rick Potts

Emily Hay

Morton Subotnick (SKYPE Interview)

Albert Ortega
Ear Diorama Ear

Devin Sarno

John Wood

Glenn Bach

Michael Mc Millen

Chas Smith

Scott Cazan

Joe Berardi & Motoko Honda


John Schneider and the Partch Ensemble

Ian Henderson

Andrew Featherston



Scott Cazan

The Worlds Biggest Bike Song; Midnight Ridazz
Rick Cox

Mooey Moobau

Corey Fogel

Harrison House with Eva Soltes

Chris Kallmyer

Dorian Wood

Scott Fraser

Mark Trayle

Mooey Moobau and Alan Nakagawa
Tom Watson

Ezra Buchla

Michael Winter

Liam Mooney

Ulrich Krieger

Laura Steenberge

Omayumi with Steven m Irvin and A. Nakagawa
Gabie Strong
Mitchell Brown

Michael Jon Fink with Brian Walsh and Alex Iles

MLum (Chung Shih Hoh, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann, Scott Vance)
Jessica Catron

Lewis Keller

G.E. Stinson

Sandy Yang

Catherine Lamb

James Klopfleisch

Antony DiGennaro

Steuart Liebig

Scott Vance & Dave Tohir

Andrew Pask & Jim McAuley

William Harrington

Brian Walsh

Dan Clucas

Steve Gregoropoulos & Petra Haden

Mari and Julia Holter

Heather Lockie

Ear Diorama Ear
Haruko Tanaka

Daniel Corral
William Roper
Rick Bahto
Matt Barbier
Marty Walker & Erik Leckrone

Southern California Soundscape Ensemble
Vinny Golia

Danielle Adair

Impossible Moon

Archie Carey

Daniel Rothman with Ashley Walters

Claire Chenette

Brad Dutz

Eric KM Clark

Inouk Demers

Roxanne Varzi

The Tenses at the LAFMS/PST at The Box
Douglas Goodwin

Nicholas Deyoe & Clint McCallum

Leslie Ross

Daniel Eaton

Odeya Nini

Stephanie Smith

Trio Kobayashi

Casey Anderson
Tom Recchion

Vetza and Ted Byrne

Alex Sramek

Toomai String Quintet

FINALE part one

Weba Garretson and Ralph Gorodetsky

Paul Stapleton & Ted Byrnes


Jake Rosenzweig; Lumber Party with Archie Carey and Mike Lockwood

Sam Lopez

Devin Hoff


Royal US

Alan Nakagawa: Royal Rife 3.0

California Indian Soundscape; Georgiana Sanchez, Cindi Alvitre, Craig Torres
Urban Indian Soundscape; John Dawson, Craig Stone, Les Peters and Larry Smith
Stephen Speciale
Micol Hebron with Michael Hanson
Lauren Pratt and the James Tenney Archive
William Leavitt & Paul Tzanetopoulos
Yann Novak & Robert Crouch
Michael Pisaro
Mika Soma & Shinichi Ono
Antony DiGennaro & David Tranchina
Eric Potter
Jim Fox
Alex Wand with Odeya Nini, Heather Lockie, Brendan Byrnes and Jake Rosenzweig
Geneva Skeen & Mathew Timmons
Karla Diaz & Spew
Raquel Gutierrez and Gabie Strong
Joanna Demers
Alexis Disselkoen
Wet Power
William Basinski
Guru Rugu
Andrew Choate
Hi My Name Is Ryan
John Galvin & Dan Kapelovitz
Philip Mantione
Mike Sonksen AKA Mike The Poet
Ian James
Lucky Dragons
Brad Dutz & Chris Wabich
Jennifer Moon
Experimental Music and Sound Art Friendly Venues in LA
Christine Tavolacci and Eric KM Clark
Joshua Carro
Sesshu Foster
Ted Byrnes, Michael Foster & Nicholas Deyoe
ATLAS SETS; Alan Nakagawa & Glenn Bach
Kristy Baltezore


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