Sunday, December 8, 2013

Parallax Beach @ PehrSpace Sean Carnage Monday Nights

Soft Forms,

Coming off the Epic Highways show, Parallax Beach is excited to present a much more appropriate, raw and dirty version of "Parallax Scroll".  We are honored to be performing at one of the last nights of Sean Carnage's influential Monday Nights in this City of Angels.

This show is poignant not only because of this, but because it will be the last time we will be performing "Parallax Scroll".  With the monumental departure of Brennan Lowe from the troupe we will move on to a new piece. 

I myself am excited and honored to be sharing the stage, for the second time, with Intimatchine

Hope to see you there.

Deciphering the roots,


*flier by Wes Johansen

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