Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Performances

Its going to be a busy April.  Many thanks and much appreciation of your support.

More details as they emerge.

April 12:

heART Walk Echo Park: Closing reception.

 heART WALK _ echO park _soundwaves Heal cancer Two 

– CLOSING RECEPTION saturday april 12th at LA Pizza 1498 west sunset with performance artists Whereas= Mike Meanstreetz, Josie J, Maneesh Madahar, Mike Glover, Ali Hyman Wolff, = DJ Fly, Jim Priest, Gaylord Fiend, Stiive Mage, Igor Amokian, AC The Program Director, Grace Hall.

echo park stores, curators, artists, buyers and art lovers present and preserve history by providing a place to gather, celebrate and tell stories of what is and was.

April 19-20:

DBRP will be performing with a group of artist.  
Its sure to be a wild one. 


D3C0D3D in the D3S3RT a free vision camping event
April 19-20 2014

full list of Performers will be announced shortly.
CONSCIOUS SUMMARY- (EAR VIBRATION STIMULANTS) https://www.facebook.com/conscioussummary
BOMH http://bomher.com/
CYPHLON http://cyphlon.tumblr.com/
LAZER BLADE~https://www.facebook.com/lazer.blade.16
MEANSTREETZ- http://mikemeanstreetz.tumblr.com/

SPECIAL performance by

JOSE BICAN-http://www.josebican.com/
TONY KOEHL-http://sketchthesoul.com/
LEFTY JOE-http://leftyjoe.blogspot.com/

A magical night in Joshua Tree hosted at FUvRSTWORLD Furst World is stunning artistic oasis and theater located about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles in the fabulous rocky high lands of Joshua Tree. Bobby Furst is an artist who creates and facilitates all varieties of visionary and political arts


Map of the drive-

There will be a Caravan Saturday morning, but we hope you can arrive at your convenience.

D3C0D3D is itself a ritual in visual and sonic rites in which the experiencer is lead into psychedelic realms through over lapping multi projected video and tonal tides which wash over the consciousness of the participant to allow for multidimensional decoding of subconscious thoughts and universal higher self concepts.
I felt Furst world would be an amazing place to bring in new energies and set the intentions of the year to come. There is also intended interactive elements, games, photobooths, face painting and magic. We are all here to entertain and inspire each other. I intend a performance aspect which involves professional fire swallowers and spinners. These aspects will be safely outside in the sand and should also include a portable aerial pyramid (allegedly) for what promises to offer an enticing and flowing circus environment. I anticipate these are all professional artists who create with purpose and safety is number one. Environmentalism is also paramount, we are fans of the "leave no trace" policy. Safety and cleanliness are the fulcrum by which this event pivots. In all, I want to assure that it will be a fun night where every one can really absorb a fully interactive spectacle while being responsible for their trash. I have a cleaning crew set up and all that we do is portable and makes zero impact on the environment and certainly no impact on the wonderful art installations.
We will arrive saturday afternoon to set up,claim campers or camp sights joshua tree hike after set up, then performances all night and a casual sunday morning breakfast, yoga workshop then lunch and good times. Clean up by sunfall and head off into the sunset on sunday night. Performers will be paid in tips and donations, some free food, beverages, fun and camping areas will be provided, but its encouraged you bring stuff to share as well. Invite any and all conscious people who will respect the lands, but all friends are welcome. There is also a pool and jaquzi so swim wear is advisable. I look forward very much to this event. If you have any concerns or creative ideas please let me know. Food is a potluck Everyone is encouraged to bring some food to share in team building and PLEASE BRING FIREWOOD!


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