Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday N[ight Post #3.4

Well Rested,

I am not.  A short half awaken thought.


To some the obvious selection for failure is the fool.  Shrouded with fabric that only children can see, this idiot surmised quick with no mistake.  A fault on a jagged cliff side gets lost in rhythm of the irregular.

A hat to signal approach, in the fools walk you can see, stumbles fluidly. Just a laugh is a iron steaming hot bent on spreading this embedded joke.  Clinging to concepts desires left alone, abstracted, detached the fool seems malnourished of everyday foes.  Just a joker to twist-a-side the truth, in the corner the fool ties the shoe.

In the moments you try to find clarity in the actions that border on obscurities, there the fool traces what can be seen.  Picture pleased, there the fool hides in actions. 

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