Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #17

Jaded Children,

The performance on Saturday was...well lets just say being a mountain is hard.  Time in the Bay Area has been pleasant and revealing, what one is, will always be unless one choses to explore the possibility of self-deconstruction in risk of self-destruction.  This is life theater of the absurd.


*     *     *     *     *     

Que Idea Mas Absurda

Con tiempo manifesto mi vida absurda
A phrase that recently I have chose to be my meaning
How absurd?
Well imagine a gift of awareness that comes with seeing a face
A face so sweet and familiar that one not through thought
But through internal programming
One sees their future past and present
A vision like this is the vision of self-transcendental meditation
A distance that makes the hands face and mind
Petite, distortions of time
La vida absurda no obedece la leyes de fisica
Ni mi deseo de amar lo que las leyes destruyen
In clarity there is also loss of relation
Small figure in space responding to
Big figure set sail by magnetic winds
Wind catches your back pulled toward the little figure
Wind from the front removes you from this small world
Only two exist in a world free of judgement
But then judgement becomes internal
Tension exchanges do to willingness to admit desire
Senses of what is confusing and beautiful
Much fulfilling and titillation
Si manifesto esta vida, ser feliz no es parte de esta ecuación

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