Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #22

Vessels of Atrophy,

For once I am late.  On top of that this one I much enjoyed and just grew and grew.  I know it could be expanded but this Tuesday post exists not to be perfect but to create.    I much enjoy the "Stories of the Two" posts.  I hope you do too.


p.s. still in search of a trusty editer

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The Exchange
(Stories of the Two)
In their world to eat is to drink from the river
That flows from one to the other
Two magnets in an ocean afloat
On waters of growth and desire
Separated by strong currents
Violently drawn together by inner forces
Chaotic storms of light and shadow
Every encounter they find new corners in their minds
Old memories to guide this chance occurrence
Glimpses of One that existed once before
 Separated long ago
Their thoughts find a home in one another
Never straying too far
Two stars so close no thought can escape
Flairs ripping the skies
Falling with time to replicate

This is the exchange
Like heat flows to cool
His darkness empties into her
Pushing light directed to a void that is him

A strange feeling to her this want to hate
To mistrust
To crave destruction and revenge
A bitterness that sweeps the surface of her form
A form new and hungry for the unfamiliar
That bitterness that frees the earthly law of atrophy
To want to hoard in fear of time and its brevity
Positioning the self in hopes of ending on top
To respond with reaction
To see with her body

For him it is strange to see that in natural law
A release of evil can create brilliance
Clearing the clouds that fog the eye
Giving love without the fear of being destroyed
He sees the end as a cycle of this love
Not destruction
He finds strangeness in acting
Not as a reaction but as a direction
To care not because it affects him but because
It is what makes the cycle continue

To visualize this exchange one mustn’t see how
They engage

The way he looks from her eyes to her lips
To see the words leaving her mouth
Only to get lost in the loveliness of it
No this is not where it is
Or the way she catches this act
Which draws her closer
One mustn’t think its there
When they walk the streets
As she wraps her arms around one of his
Trying to absorb what she can from it
Contrary to what we know this is not it
Not even when he stops to gaze
At that brilliance he wants to understand
As she presses one hand on his chest
To see if it can penetrate his form
As he swiftly positions himself
To take from the fountain
That is her welcoming mouth

Delving deeper
It could be easy to say the exchange
Comes when they lay bare and intimate
As they rest from the day
Him slowly
Tracing every curve of her figure
A delicate finger
Over her back
Down her spine
Round her hips
In between the thighs
To her newly soiled feet
Up to her breast
A tender moment is spent here
An occasion for her to retrace the steps
To formulate the figure outside
Basking in the sensation
One of the few sensations that is purely pleasure
In this vessel type

A raw minded kind
Would place their bets on the exchange
That follows
A literal exchange
A visceral sight that we rely on to find a middle
Between the two
There is no separation
Here either
It is not the action of her holding him close
Past this moment
Contemplation the next motion 
Looking deep past the windows for a sign of consent
Holding him as she slides him inside
Turning inside out he finds
He is captured and released
The moments when they find
It difficult to locate their end or want to
This is not the exchange that is profound

A glimpse of it is there
The relinquishing of the self
In pleasure they leave marks in other circumstances
Would reflect devastation
The exchange of their body’s
The leaving of something of one another
Inside of each other
Moving as one
Motion that switches 
The leader soon
Becomes the follower
Symbols of it yes
A complexity of the dance
Gently brushed upon by these words
Exploring this exchange
Is the Story of the Two

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