Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #23

Tuesday night, hope your night is well.  For the few that stumble onto this let me know your thoughts if you are not to shy.  In any case I welcome your eyesMay we welcome what deserves attention but seems full of madness and let us reject what needs culling, these things that look so alluring.  Making perfect squares that have no corners let us make love to that part that is reason and make friends with what is intuition.  Intuition so often seen as wild at heart.  Yes, maybe but, the most wild beast have control and finesse.  Have you seen a bull in a china shop?

*     *     *     *     *
Spit and Thorns
(Stories of the Two)

With an excuse was my choice
To give u my voice
With a coffee in hand
I tried to make u my friend
In time I could not fight
The feeling that felt so right
In your presence I rode on your smile
In the abscess grew a child
A self-refection of the loves I formed
In hopes one would be adored

I made my love, a juvenile lust
Formed from dirt and rust
Now she’s old and grey
I hope she’ll stay

Always the angel rite
You kept your distance tight
I tried to spread your hand
Putting mine in the red
True you were never near
Enough to let this thought appear
I feed my love with simple hellos
Inviting all the woes

I made my love, the one with horns
Formed from spit and thorns
Now she’s old and frayed
I hope she’ll pray

A chance occurrence
Tested our endurance
As I sat in that room
I soon realized the electric cloud that loomed
An awaking that told me
You also wanted to hold me
Always the dark angel
Loving to endure
You made sure every second counted
Until you yourself could not doubt it

I made my love, the one so sweet
Formed from cold and heat
Now she’s pleasure and pain
I hope she’ll lose her distain

I stand on a log
Rolling, I on a jog
Holding something small in one hand
Something heavy in the other my head pouring like sand
She rides on my shoulders my lover lost
In the dreams, this was the cost
A fireball
Surged through me from the fall
Heaven sent to aid my rule
The self inside this mule

I made my love, the one I lost
Formed from our different parts
Now she is he and she
I hope she’ll become the three

In extremes we found
That love is profound
She left me light
Which emptied blight
Left me with knowledge that in that flash
Vivid and bright left a pile of ash
With two extremes
We find the beauty in between

I made my love, from a lifetime of loneliness
Formed from profanity and holiness
Now she’s horrid beauty
I hope she’s found a residence in human’s cruelty

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