Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #27

Hello All,

Thanks for your time.


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Checking the Origin of the Falsely Luminous Lascivious Existence

Preoccupied by immediate inconveniences
Distracted by pretty flashing lights
Some infuse their body with substances
Others just wear tights
Drones wander aimlessly
Several Occupy the night
What is happening?
What is this shift?
Should all be concerned?
Or should it all be dismissed?
A general movement is always hard to see
When one is in the billions
Blinded by fear and those wordsmithing hellions
Fluctuation occur rapidly and with succession
They must be normalized or they will produce hesitations
Human existence has momentum
Like a ball on a hill with built up potential
With a shift it will no doubt start its descension
A path will be taken
It will flow through it with no apprehension
Let us not confuse the words we use and their definitions
Or the template that is part of this system
There is always room for quarks and unseen predictions
A human is a system guided by imperfection
Imperfections are things not yet fixed
A path is the step in front of you
A possibility exists to descend into our awareness

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