Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #29

The Happy Ones,

Happy Tuesday night.


*     *     *     *     *

I Saw the God of Man

By a stream near a cliff side
I tried to study the history of myself.
As I looked into the void,
I saw.
Peering at me, eyes that blink,
one eye, blue eyed, stern with contempt?
Fix unwavering
I saw the eyes of our ancestors.
Peering lost, controlled
Star twinkled eyes in mosaic tiled patterns
forest greens
navy blues
I saw the aesthetics of the past blocked and organized.
In a fleeting moment I saw our god of the America’s
Star spangled eagle eyed
red, white, blue
Cross spinning on its axis in a clockwise direction
Layered transitioning background to front and back again
In one moment, teeth and mouths came before blankets of eyes
falling on the cliffs and later the trees
Smiling teeth coming out at me from my minds eye
The cliff side had eyes that watched the ocean turn to a wasteland.
A stream murmured by
with gems of forgotten points of views
When I went to look at them I stood over and grasped at their sparkles.
Eyeballs flowed between my fingers
I saw history layered on top of it’s self
When all came clear
I forgot it
I was knee deep in a confusion that made me feel fulfilled.
Ever since then I look for this.
The layered lesson of why I believe.

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