Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Night Post # 2-1


So here we are again


*     *     *     *     *

In This Action They Trans-versed What Already Was Rehearsed
(Stories of the Two)

Life is forgiving
This life forgetting the next
A chain of memories dissolving into self
Not paying for the scars
This one was for free

A devil gives only what is wealthy when it is lost
Turning pages in anticipation following you just to see
In that time I spent staring at a lovely space
My head held to low missing every beat

No sense in taking it all
I found myself waiting for the fall
In autumn time I avoided stepping on the leaves
While you dissolved in their misery
As we stumbled to meet in the middle
We ended up stepping on our feet

Every part I remember
Especially when I rubbed them free of soreness
Your transition was warranted
With this revolution I was left with defeat
Solo los quedamos con Dolores

Glimpses of the lovers in past lives
Of lovers in twisted embrace

Now on this cloud

A time line of encounters
A radiating spectrum flooding my consciousness
An awaking of the past
I can only make sense what weathers
This subliminal task

A body with its breath fingered though mine
Mutual termination with passion as a noose
Mended hands flowing away from the truth of the fire
A growing mound growing old and tangled
Enemies of the state finding
destruction in our hate
Individuals of influence dancing in a hall
Judging not
who we were
what we were
where we were
But living tall
Children touching
A rock with its shadow
A rain fall on a meadow

The brightest one in which I saw you across the hall
One glimpse I knew I knew you then
Never again did I see you again
To make sure I had a chance
I replayed again

Far I am from the one I was
I can only recite what never was
With knowledge came a void
A void of miss-care and neglect
My rational mind becomes a holy reject

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