Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vacation Return

Hello interweb,

It's been a bit since I have posted. Few hiccups along the way.  Started to become a good worker bee at work. It is time once again to continue with the real work. The one that wakes me up everyday, the one that is and has always been my true love. The work of creation and creativity. Nothing is lost only gained. Nothing is destroyed only transformed.

Lost some value work along the way but this just means I have to create more. With this I leave you with a lil something. It's all in fun and in desperate need to be the only thing I can be, human.

Changed my hair to be a winner

I tried to grow it despite my lack of dinner

When I changed the color

I soon realized I was a broader version of my mother

Then gorged on avocado to make it grow

A thousand days through rain and snow

I found it pleasant when it shielded me from the cold

On my way in from the weather

Wrapped round with this stringy leather

One false move I tripped on a hose fell flat on my face

and broke my nose

When I made my way up my room

My chilly toes with ample hairs

lost their traction

There I went tumbling  down the stairs

My hairy friend his name is Scotty

Took his scissor bite

trim me with no remorse

Needless to say the cut was shoty

When I sported this new cut

As I entered a dancing club

No one seemed to notice the twelve foot hair that wiped the floor

The single hair survived now tangled in every foot from the wall to the door.

In the darkness my head was jerked

In every direction

fuck yeah it hurt

No one saw the reason

They thought it was just the new dance in season

A pretty lil lady soon came to danced with me

At least as much as I could see

My face was in pain and a lil bloody

When the music finally ceased

I got on my knees

Holly fuck that was scary

When she saw me she thought I was playing

But said yes anyway now we're married

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