Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tesday Night Post # 2-12

Sentient Beings,

The hand on your face, with a gentle stroke, is just the same hand that can strike you.  A finger gently ran on your spine is the same as the heartbreak on your mind.  Liberation of suffering is as foolish as the love you have for unrelinquished want.  These words are as useful as the policies you agree to when you check the box.


*     *     *     *     *

It Sat On My Chest and Told Me This

Let it pour.  Collectively we ask what and end never understanding what has become of the beginning. It’s so far removed standing still will only be the cost.  There are a few things that have crossed my path…what will these things form as time gets closer to an actual change.  Will I be constant enough to not perish the Rose.  This rose is never just a rose, a divine spark that will die to later form a beauty never known or seen.  It’s easy to kill the rose.  Asked myself why flaunt this skill of destruction or darkness or distain.  Yes black contrasts well with white.  A romantic heartbreak.  A disorder to replicate.  A lovely melancholy memory of you and them sanding with just the right light to turn your stomach, make your heart quicken and make you feel just a lil human.  These aesthetics lulls me to a high state of disappointment.  I ride the unrelinquished love of never seeing what the past talks about…of seeing this Dark Angel fully clothed and breathing on my shoulder.  How was I to clip the wings?  It gestures to the scissors, which I did not own.   Doing, doing anything to bring it back, joining the thoughts of tender heaves and silence thoughts.  The door was never closed you see when you left, in the sound, it closed it.  The light is on.  Getting stuck and falling in over with the first state…why stop at the threshold of severed understanding of UNDERSTANDING.  Is it understanding, tell me or is it arrogance.  Unfold the arms square the shoulder lean to the side that feels heavy, there that is where you stand.  Feel it. Breathe it.  See the rest falling in lust with the conquest?  Is there a question on your side that never seems to formulate?  That is probably the seed beginning to germinate.  As individual as each snowflake is a white noise veils the textures and uniformity of landscapes unrooted by production and progress.  No never mind this thought that seems to unravel with confusion.  Words sometimes lose their origin; sometimes the storytellers have their delusions.  When I drive, on a clear day I see the snow capped mountain that surround me, I fall in love with this moment, I choke, the action in my muscles the memories in my fingers, taste of skin just a new thought away I think of it.  Of this partnership I had.  It was a sudden need to understand.  If it was more then just a timeline in our ticker tap then maybe, I think there would have been a bigger struggle.  What you don’t understand is that I wanted to change nothing.  All I needed was one hand to invite, the other to hold on to the upward draft that we had.  Yes we are artist.  We practice this art of knowing.  Lets begin by being sober.  Just breathing on this time my blood gets intoxicated.  How can I breath if nothing is planted to cultivate.  I tell my friends get use to short and multiple relationships.  Shop online, buyer’s remorse.  Impulsive buys, upgrade after the last one broke.  I go without.  I don’t need to buy something I know I will use and abuse just because I fear.  I fear I fear you don’t say it but I fear.  You are never alone but constantly forgotten.  To busy to remember and so bored you can never forget, cuz on this line no one is unplugged.  Humans play what do you think this entire product is? Lower level duplication of something so close it sits on your nose.  You don’t see it you say? The other produced to replicate what mother gave us just so she could say “My boy yes my baby I am your mamma. I know you can be as beautiful as I but don’t forget arrogance is not godly.  Arrogance is Man”.

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