Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Night Post # 2-11

Who’s skin do you wear? Transformed to another being possessed by an action that is philistine.  Why does the future look like this on the silver screen?

*     *     *     *     *

Twice the Fifth of a Brutal Fist
Can you come here below your line of sight?  With this image you will see there is an action to intervene.  She sees the kitten chase its tail with one eye closed, this one will visualize the pussy eat itself. 
Come focus on the two. We see the pair Pure and Blue.  As one crawls on fours, the other masters the tool that is the Clue.  The reason Circle Closed needs a gate?  In time of change we must regulate.  Question is will the two propagate?  Held both, one in each arm, low in a squat she moves up.  Her head just above the line then crosses the circle with another one.  Started the cycle often new, this bass will rattle and challenge the youth.
Lets forget touch is pain.  I will structure charts that show it comes from distain of this corporeal life remained.  We will come together in opposition to sobriety.  We can start a new and free society.  On site we will meet in the space we live anew.  We will come with a new fashion with skin that I will choose.  There will be questions asked, we will dance.  In the end there will be some advance.   

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