Sunday, December 16, 2012

Extreme Futurist Festival

One more posts this lovely Sunday night. 
I and a couple colleagues of mine will have the great privilege to be able to cover the Extreme Futurist Festival that will occur in Los Angeles, California on December 21st and 22nd.  This will be an epic review on what is in stored for our near future or at least the future that a great influential portion of us wants. 

Take a gander  Maybe our press passes will help us peer beyond the veil and come back with a nice article/ video/ podcast.



Anonymous said...

Rachel ‘Haywire’ Mendelson of "Extreme Futurist Festival" is now writing “essays” for Neo Nazi website that also spews hate at LGBT.She says “It’s not hate, just anti-PC”.

Keith Preston is the Neo Nazi homophobe who runs the hate site Rachel “Haywire” Mendelson now exuberantly blogs for :

DBL said...


Thank your for your visit and input. I would love more info from you or anyone else on any matters. Knowledge is a constantly evolving form.