Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Night Post # 2-6

My Fellow Futurist,
     In action we are.  If there is no death then we are.  If there is no choice made then we are.  If you believe in destiny then we are.  A thought swallowed is a decision made. Yes we are futurist.

*     *     *     *     *

Lets relay what was left on the thought feed
Which to me was more then just one flash of this moment
A device we take for granted
Those lil crystals reflect
to me more then just images
Lets us rehearse what has just transverse across my peripheral

I found this line that traced the curve of your hand
In its aftermath
was a turquoise glove

Bent over smelling each perfectly formed flower in that garden
I stood behind thinking the next thought to say

Staring at my text
knowing editing it myself would have no higher result

Holding the rail at the front of the bus
My mind dug deep in the filthiest gutter
Your eyes always wandering back to my crotch

Staring at you in the kitchen
wondering what's wrong
Thinking maybe you do need a drink

Laying there on the second story
Another layer below me
Your bed
Eyes staring at your dark green ceiling
The metal bar that held down that curtain
hanging over the threshold
In the wind it gently banged
That sound once known in youth
now etched in love

With this feed all is now and the past is a poison

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