Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday Night Post # 2-8

Rebels with their résistance,
What are you fighting for? Food? Shelter? Oppression? Resistance to resist the resulting annex?  What will the resister do when the resistance is co-opted without a clue?


*     *     *     *     *

Winds Of Hate

the time has come to revelate
They form storms of trust displacing old traditions
Replacing, rejoining in repetitions
In songs we hear the music’s clear
We never lose the embedded genetic cybernetics
In its place we replace a map you call arcane
Stifled with so-called pain
Now all that’s left is burning lust
Don’t go pointing standing near the place of heaven smear
A solider life will become the cultural engineers
loaded gun
Once we said to agitate
Lets begin lore to gravitate towards a higher form
Placed on you just because
This form you hold in need of some wringing out
Your sappy soul will fear the draught
Turn the sky in your hopes
Splinter poles
What is this fear or foe?
These new terms that you pronounce
on actions that are nothing new
Wordsmith found on fiery bowels make the smell rise to you
The hidden fees of buying thoughts
leaves the maker and the muse
Dazzle me
The technique is in the way you speak of something simple and reused
To create a new way to drill the truth
in this form you corrupt the youth
We tell them what we know
in the way our traditions held us low
We forgot that with no rules there is space to have the noose
in the same throat of the user
Yes the user
The abuser
The searcher
The leaper from one experience to the other
Hoping the avant-garde will shovel the will of the uncreative ones
In my pants I held my chance
Zipped them down I lay you down
With a frown I place my Right
up and toward you

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