Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Friday Post

My sensitive Skin Bags,
Eat, Shit and Die.  In that order.
*     *     *     *     *
Horrid Ripples

She has Shrugs and I don’t knows
She owns wait’s and just a second’s
She caters to the slide of hand that is information directing
Or in other words, leaking what is just enough to keep us waiting
But she is more then just a person

A wall to scale to find things in disorder
A micro situation of the macro that we are all part of

Easily let off by the lack of voice
There is no comfort in dialogue
We find truth in still waters
This “lack of”, a scissor to our fears

But I say what lacks sound also lacks trust

There is no misinformation if there is no information
There is no wrong when there is no reaction

A hidden intent is just as dangerous as a noose hung high

What is there to say about a power plant thats already is forgotten?
Safe only from our worried minds
What to think of an assault through cyber-space
Not an act of war until another decides to do it
Let us think of the way the world has changed just this week
That is only if we had paid attention

What if we all decided to just keep it in until something happens?
Until we see the other act for us
Lets just keep our breaths shallow and wait
Just wait
Something will happen something always happens
Someone always happens others always respond
Others always come close to us to become a distraction

A pressure cooker with a release valve that you have no control of

I can find distraction in a fly on a dog pile, beauty in its simplicity
But am I the fool if I fall in love with this fraction of a situation
A piece to something more profound and yes maybe
Heavier than you and I can lift

To eat, shit, and fuck I think I have that down
Don’t think that makes me special

Little by little we are awakening
But I say to be shoved out of bed is not an awakening
It’s just another role for a kept person
To act as others allow
To keep still
Ripples in the pond are so unappealing

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