Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #14

Travelers of this Lil Quaint Spinning Rock,

Right down to the wire.  Your post, my heart and this simple jester will make life turn up and let it fester.  To the one/s I love, you know who you are.  I have no surprises just the ones that are a surprise to me.  Can’t wait to see those with you by my side.


*     *     *     *     *

What a Choice Peek or a Grope

I see you eyeing from afar
My skin burns from all the stares but I see that one that you sent me
I have no reason to feel ashamed
But what’s in that look that makes me feel I have something to hide

Every one that knows me knows I wear it on my sleeve
My thoughts my feelings and my morals
It’s just how I’ve been taught
No fear no so restrains
But to you that is a trait that you have been trained to care for
To smell it out uproots it and stomp it dead

I try to act like I don’t notice
That the situation that is about to arise will make me the victim

I start to play it in my mind
Try to see which part I could enjoy and which I could flip it to focus it onto you
This event that will surely come to

I start to be aware of my body
Not the awareness that comes from feeling my skin a perfect fit for a perfect one
But the awareness that come with feeling each hair on my body
Pushed against the grain
With any sudden motion I know I can shake this false feeling but know that
That will just
Make that gaze you have narrow tight
Stick it deep in, against my space

I face forward and walk a step
Wait and walk another
My nakedness here for your consideration

I make another contact with that eagle eye twice looked over
Need only one mistake

I find an exercise in living the situation over and over
X variables and infinite possibilities
I find freedom in these choices
And a creative outlet in the scenarios

I will own the path in which this water will flow
If need be I will use the water to bath in
In its lesson
I start to pine for your eyes
I fall in lust with that gaze
That one that gets my heart beating
And makes my creativity volatile like an I.E.D
I soon find this skin of mine crawling with little bugs of want
A want to confront
A want to have you intimately
One on one
Your hands your eyes and mostly your mind

I stand and step and step again
Now the anticipation cracks my heart
A beam of light breaks onto you

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