Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Night Post #16

Burning Wicks,

I hope you enjoy this short but sweet one.


*     *     *     *     *

Keen Edge

Yes I feel like a child always finding my gaze
Settled on to things in amazement
Heroes exist in a cross between confusion and hope
A new one walks in front
In interest my eye waits to unveil

Sweat and heat a forge’s your conceit
Shoulder square round and taut
Arms that hammer bend and hold
Stands higher than any man, alone

Loving your dirty work
Working in the bodies mirth
I haven’t had time to investigate
This maker’s hand
From atop going down the slowin starts

First I take some time to slide
Into stern but coolin blue eyes
Complimented by the soot and skin
Then the arms that bare

I lose my place in the thoughts of strength
And what equals the forming of this flesh
Nothing past the waist below
The power I love is the fatigue in muscle

Long and lean a dancers soul
This one's love is in the coals
Melting metal in the hand
Owning it on an anvil

Queer behavior 
Hardens as it cools
Lay it down
With this sight
You hold me down

Your authority
The only one for me 
If I had a choice

She is a work of pure beauty
A maker skin in the red 
Always giving more than is said

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